This API allows you to provide detailed transaction data to your merchant customers. The API enables you to retrieves comprehensive transaction data based on merchant payments, contract entity and on specific periods of time.

Benefits for you!



Provide your merchants with the details of every merchant payment.


One location

Present the merchant payment and the transactions on one location.


Own environment

Present transaction data in your own app or portal based on your own client data.

Who can use the API?







Why use it?

Currently the merchant can only retrieve this transaction data via a separate merchant portal. This API enables you to use certain criteria (e.g. merchantId, transactionId and acquirerRefNo) to retrieve transactions data.


Provide specific transaction data on demand to your customer

use case

A large department store uses multiple streams of data to track their customer purchases and to make specific offers as part of loyalty reward schemes. The merchant uses your application to import additional transaction data which can be used to improve the customer journey.

Reconciliation for (sub-)merchants

use case

As a PSP you would like to show the transactions of a merchant payment in your own Merchant portal to (sub-)merchants.
In the Merchant Payments API you can search for and identify a merchant payment (payout) to your sub-merchant.
In the Transactions API you can search and retrieve the transactions that MATCH with the merchant payment (payout) to your sub-merchant.
The (sub-)merchant can retrieve the transaction data from your portal and use it to reconcile card transactions with the merchant payment (payout) for his/her own administration.
Note: If the (sub-)merchant wants an extract it may be more convenient to search for and retrieve a Reconciliation Statement from the Statements API.

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