Open Banking

Banks. Fintechs. Insurance companies. Bigtechs. Corporates. Payment Service Providers. All of these can take advantage of Open Banking thanks to the opportunities that have arisen from the latest regulation. Worldline's Open Banking APIs allow you to create the most delightful and innovative experience for your customers.​


Benefit from the power of the Worldline Open Banking APIs

Easy access to financial data

Easy access to financial data

Make aster and more precise decisions

Make faster and more precise decisions

Enrich your customers’ experience

Improve the experience while reducing costs

Access to more than 3500 banks within Europe

Access to more than 3500 banks within Europe

Secure-by-design APIs

Secure-by-design APIs

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Open Banking Solutions

Powerful tools to easily turn financial data into value-added services.

Digital Currencies

Open Banking Documentation

Tap into the potential of open banking with an unmatched combination of reach, scale and value-added services.


API Reference

Worldline Open Banking Services provides a complete set of JSON APIs.

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