Payment Initiation overview

What is Payment Initiation and how do i get started?

What is Payment initiation?

Payment Initiation Service (PIS) is one of the services established by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and aimed to simplify the initiation of account payments in both the online and physical stores. The PSD2 allows Third Party Providers (TPPs) access to the bank accounts to initiate a payment (PIS) or retrieve account information (AIS) after the account holder (PSU) has given his consent to the TPP.

A payer (PSU) has to consent to a TPP for payment initiation to initiate a PIS request. Such consent must be acquired for every payment and granted to a TPP after successful authentication of the payer by their bank (ASPSP).

PIS can be initiated with different payment products, depending on the bank (ASPSP) and its country:

  • SEPA credit transfers (SCT) and Instant payments (SCT Inst) in the SEPA zone within the available reach.
  • UK domestic and international payments
  • Domestic (non-SEPA) credit transfers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • Target2
  • Cross-currency

Next to the single PIS, our APIs can be used to initiate extended payment types:

  • Future dated payments (payments to be executed on a specific date in the future)
  • Standing orders (recurring payments)
  • Bulk payments (a series of payments from a single debtor account into multiple credit accounts, for example, salary or invoice payments)

Discover our API's

  • Sequence diagrams explaining the possible flows can be found on the 'Read more' pages.
  • The Yaml files can be found under the 'view API' buttons
  • We provide a sandbox environment where you can complete (mock) flows. See details here:

Choose your connection type

1) Connect to our initiation pages (or webview?) which integrates the equensWorldline XS2A PSD2 core service with banks' API services (ASPSPs) using a series of dedicated equensWorldline landing pages. This service aims to ease the work on individual deviations of bank interfaces by automatically requesting the correct data fields from the user. This service is designed to facilitate working with individual deviations from bank interfaces by automatically requesting the correct data fields from the user. This eases the user experience and integrates these deviations into a flexible and adaptive UI, ready to be invoked by the web application.

2) connect directly to our routing service API's, integrating the equensWorldline XS2A PSD2 core service with banks' API services (ASPSPs) through a set of API calls that are transparent to end customers (PSU)

Ready to connect?

  • Get in touch with our sales team: Send email
  • Using PSD2 requires a Third Party Provider certificate provide by the national authority. This certificate will be stored in our solution. So that we can connect to ASPSP's with the correct authentication. We will help with the ordering process.
  • We set you up on our backoffice, you will receive a username password to complete the registration process. Which includes providing a public key from the certificate you will be using to connect to us.
  • Call the post token api, to retrieve the token which you will use to connect to our other api's
  • Call the get aspsps api, to retrieve the list of banks you will be able to reach with our solution

Our versioning policy

short description of our versioning policy - We are currently at version 2.