Account Information overview

What is Account Information Service and how do i get started?

What is Account information?

Account Information Service (AIS) is one of the services established by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and aimed to simplify the retrieval of account information. The PSD2 allows Third Party Providers (TPPs) access to the bank's accounts to initiate a payment (PIS) or retrieve account information (AIS) after the account holder (PSU) has given his consent to the TPP.

A payer (PSU) has to consent to a TPP for account information to initiate a AIS request. 

Ready to connect?

  • Get in touch with our sales team: Send email
  • Using PSD2 requires a Third Party Provider certificate provide by the national authority. This certificate will be stored in our solution. So that we can connect to ASPSP's with the correct authentication. We will help with the ordering process.
  • We set you up on our backoffice, you will receive a username password to complete the registration process. Which includes providing a public key from the certificate you will be using to connect to us.
  • Call the post token api, to retrieve the token which you will use to connect to our other api's
  • Call the get aspsps api, to retrieve the list of banks you will be able to reach with our solution