Our issuing solutions

1-Click API

WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing API allows issuers to manage Cards, Accounts, Customers, Contracts, Operations and Orders

AIS Account Information

Account Information API

The APIs presented in this section can be used to access a PSU’s bank account, held with any reachable ASPSP. Retrieval of PSU’s account information is only allowed upon explicit consent of the account holder.


Contract data

This API allows you to extract contract data from the Worldline FS acquiring merchant contract database. Access to contract data is restricted to your acquirer and own merchant contract identifiers.


Credit Insight

Use Open Banking data to efficiently assess potential borrowers, with fast and accurate credit insights provided by our API.


Digital Asset Managment Platform - Technical

The Digital Asset Management Platform is an end to end solution designed to operate complex digital Ecosystem and manage Blockchain based digital assets like digital currencies, e-identity or utility tokens. As additional benefits DAM allows a simple creation of value added services for your business, creating more revenues and enhanced customer experience.

Thanks to our API first approach, any technical team, in or outside Worldline is able to operate blockchain technologies with ease. Reducing the time spent on understanding blockchain and allowing more time to be spend on new value added services for our customers.


Interchange fees (beta test)

This API allows you to retrieve actual Interchange Fee rates related to a specific merchant and transaction.


Merchant Analysis (beta test)

This API makes trends, revenue and transaction totals insightful for the merchant. You can use this API to create charts and graphs, supply totals without having to retrieve all the transaction details.


Merchant Payments

This API allows you to provide detailed payment data to your merchant customers. The API retrieves comprehensive merchant payment data that is based on payments, merchant contract identifiers and specific periods of time.


Open Banking Payment Initiation v3 (beta test)

This API makes it possible to initiate a transfer using multiple payment products.


Payment Initiation API

The APIs will allow the initiation of a payment from any payment account to another payment account in Europe, held by any reachable ASPSP provided the account holder has given his explicit consent as is stipulated by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).


Payment Initiation Service (web view)

The APIs allow the initiation of a payment through our Initiation Service, consisting of a series of screens (GUI) that handle bank selection and support the different SCA flows (redirect, decoupled and embedded), thus simplifying the integration of the payment initiation flow for the merchant.

PIS Reach

Reach directory v2 API

The APIs listed here will let you access the Reach Directory offered by Worldline where you can retrieve information about reachable ASPSPs.


Statements (beta test)

This API allows you to provide specifications explaining the merchant payment to your merchant customers. Combined with the transactions API, all details can be provided to your merchant customer.


Stock Market Data Technical Documentation

This document describes API structures of some requests performed on the Stock Market Data Platform



This API allows you to provide detailed transaction data to your merchant customers. The API retrieves comprehensive transaction data that based on payments, contract entity and on specific periods of time.