Technical Description


This API enables you to Accept transactions for your Merchant customers.

Transactions are accepted via a host-to-host connection between the API user and Worldline FS API GateWay. The Worldline FS API GateWay is connected to the Worldline FS acceptance host, which in turn is connected to the Issuer network.


Version note:
This is a test version. Please be aware that these API interfaces are for evaluation. The API interfaces may be changed and improved.
Initial production release is planned for Q2 2023 to accept Card Not Present transactions. The API roadmap for 2024 includes POS transaction acceptance via this API.
The sandbox for this new API is not yet available causing the "Try out" feature to not work properly for this API.


Latest open API spec below includes drop-down examples of requests (e.g. Purchase VISA Authorisation) and drop-down examples of successful "200" responses.