Merchant Payments

This section contains card processing APIs for Acquirers & third parties (PSPs and Merchants). Below is an overview of the Available and Future API services.

Please feel free to test our APIs against our sandbox environment to make sure you derive maximum value from our sandbox environment.                  

Available Acquiring APIs


Merchant management

Retrieve and manage your own merchant contracts in the Worldline FS acquiring merchant contract database. Access is restricted to your acquirer and own merchant contract identifiers. For third party customer's (e.g. PSP, PayFac, Merchant) retrieval and limited updating is available in agreement with your acquirer.

Shopping cart mobile

Accept Transactions API (test)

Accept Card Not Present (CNP) and POS transactions for your Merchant customers.
Initial production release is planned for Q2 2023 to accept Card Not Present transactions.

Tablet checkout


Provide detailed transaction data to your merchant customers. The API retrieves comprehensive transaction data that is based on merchant payment data, merchant contract identifiers and specific periods of time.

merchant cash

Merchant payments

Provide detailed payment data to your merchant customers. The API retrieves comprehensive merchant payment data that is based on payments, merchant contract identifiers and specific periods of time.


Interchange fees (beta test)

Retrieve actual Interchange Fee rates related to a specific merchant and transaction.


Statements (beta test)

Provide specifications explaining the merchant payment to your merchant customers. Combined with the transactions API, all details can be provided to your merchant customer.


Merchant analysis (test)

Make trends, revenue and transaction totals insightful for the merchant. Use this API to create charts and graphs, supply totals without having to retrieve all the transaction details.