Stock Market Data Platform

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Our market data platform is connected to all major financial markets

Why the Stock Market Data Platform

Stock Market Data is connected to the main stock exchanges and data providers, to offer the collection, integration, processing, and distribution of market data to the applications.

  • Collects and aggregates market data from the major global sources: regulated markets and fund profiles, news, analysis, consensus, ratings
  • Feed processing with added values components
  • Real-time distribution through JSON APIs


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Benefits of the Stock Market Data Platform



European and local regulatory pressure (e.g. MIFID II and more recently ESG regulations).



Longstanding experience based on 20+ years in Market Data and Order Management



Real-time data & advanced searching features


Plug & Play​

Plug & Play architecture to ease integration of new partners, markets and back-office applications

A complete set of APIs

Stock Market Data service provide a lot of APIs like :

  • Instrument search
  • Instrument detail
  • Ranking
  • Intraday
  • History
  • ...
Stock Market Data

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