Payment Initiation Service (web view)

The Initiation Service integrates the equensWorldline core XS2A PSD2 service with the API services of banks (ASPSPs) through a series of equensWorldline landing (pay) pages. This service aims to ease the additional workload resulting from individual deviations from bank interfaces by a service, automatically requesting the correct data fields from the user. The user experience is as smooth as possible and integrates these deviations into a flexible and adaptive UI, ready for your existing web application to invoke.

Although most banks have implemented a more or less formalized Open Banking standard, in practice, there are many smaller and larger specific requirements on the data (elements) and authentication protocols to be delivered, even within the same standard or region. Our Initiation Services make the various flavours of the APIs published by the banks transparent to the user of our TPP services.

Since the number of banks and thus the different API variants are pretty large, our Initiation Services allow our clients to benefit from the work that we have already done.

The inclusion of virtually all known variations in data element requirements and authentication protocols allows us to significantly reduce the overall effort and turnaround time of your TPP Service implementation and its maintenance.


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