Open Banking Payment Initiation

This API will allow you to initiate a payment using multiple payment products. The following payment products are supported:

  • PSD2-SCT
  • PSD2-Instant
  • PSD2-Target2
  • PSD2-Domestic
  • IDEAL 2.0

Our unified API facilitates the initiation of different types of credit transfers, such as standard same-day payment, standard instant payment, future payment, multiple payment or payment in batches for e.g. salary payments or invoice payments and the initiation of standing orders or recurring payments.

Depending on the payment product and the ASPSP (debtor bank) the consent of the Payment Service User can be arranged in different ways. The TPP solution makes a distinction between the Redirect, Decoupled and Embedded flow. The flows are visible in sequence diagrams below. These are just examples, a specific ASPSP might require other steps. The TPP solution will always indicate in the responses toward the Initiating party which step has to be performed next.

As an additional service the TPP solution can hide some of the complexity by provide a user interface to support the consent retrieval. From the Initiating Party perspective it will then always be a redirect flow.

Redirect flow

PIS redirect sequence diagram


Decoupled flow

PIS decoupled sequence diagram


Embedded flow

PIS embedded sequence diagram


Initiation pages flow

PIS initiation pages sequence diagram