e-Commerce account-based payments

Enable account-based payments to become a major payment method for online and in-store payments

Optimize your e-Commerce experience thanks to account based payment

The new PSD2 related Payment Initiation Service (PIS) enables PSP and Acquirer (owning a TPP license) to initiate a payment request, with the explicit consent of the account holder (payer) from their online payment account held at their bank to pay for goods or services. The necessary consent is the established two-factor authentication means provided by consumers’ bank.

Such an account-based payment is meant to be an alternative to the traditional payment methods such as card payment or direct debit. Advantaged to these traditional payment means are the user experience and improved security by using the mobile device and the low costs and the fast fund availability especially in combination with instant payments.

Worldline supports payment service providers (like acquiring banks, PSP and TPP) with the connection to all major European banks and the technical processing of all payment transaction related processes like routing, authentication, reconciliation and refunds

Benefits of account based payment in e-commerce ?

Value for customers

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Seamless and multichannel End-to-End process

Choice from multiple payment solutions

Secure payment process via Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Loyalty advantages

Cross-border shopping

Clear track of account balance

Value for merchants

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Lower processing costs

Faster payments and access to funds

No schema and interchange fees

Fast overview of unpaid transactions

Fully digitalised payment process

Efficient reconcilliation

Validated payment data

Support cross-border payments

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