Credit Insight

Use Open Banking data to efficiently assess potential borrowers, with fast and accurate credit insights provided by our API.

Worldline Credit Insight reduces time-to-yes, improves credit assessment speed & accuracy, lowers customer churn and reduces the risk of fraud.

Why use Worldline Credit Insight?

Credit Insight uses Open Banking data to assess, in real time, a prospective borrower's financial health. This banking data is analysed and categorized, specifically with credit worthiness in mind, and provides actionable insights which can be used to enhance or automate your credit approval process.

Using Credit Insight you can provide faster approval to good candidates, reduce manual processes and make more informed decisions with a real-time view of the applicants ability-to-pay.

Advantages for Credit Insight

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Approval is much fasterApproval can be automated, or if a manual check is needed this can typically be done in less than 10 minutes.

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Provide your borrowers a consistent customer journey, reduce the need for multiple interactions and exchanging of paper documents.

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With better information (debt-to-income ratio, risky gambling habits, disposable income & overdrafts) Credit Insight is more accurate at predicting risk of default.

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Direct access to the borrower's banking data means you can have confidence in the validity and accuracy of the information.

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