Cash Management

Manage funds efficiently and effectively at any scale !

Businesses of any size are in need of reliable end-to-end cash management tools to better understand and monitor their financial positions at any time

What do we offer ?

Worldline Cash Management is a powerful tool for analyzing the company’s financial position and make fast and informed business decisions.

Our solution has been designed following the three pillars below :

  • Connect based on our Account Information Services (AIS), we are able to aggregate financial information from multiple bank accounts,
  • Analyze : a rich set of features enabling to compute cash positions in real-time and to operate mid & long terms forecasts to stick to your liquidities goals,
  • Optimize :  offering concreate ways to act on your cash positions through money sweeping (usage of Payment Initiation Service) or credit subscription for instance
cash mgt picture

Cash management which benefits ?

For end-users


Cash flow with accuracy and in real-time

Greater control and visibility thanks to an aggregated view on balances

Save time and resources via an intuitive user interface

Faster payments and access to funds

For bankers


Enrich your offer to SMEs and corporates 

Meet your clients digital demands

Optimize your credit risk assessment

Boost the subscription of your financial products

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