Open Banking Account Information description

The APIs presented in this section can be used to access a PSU’s (Payment Service User) bank account, held with any reachable ASPSP. Retrieval of PSU’s account information is only allowed upon explicit consent of the account holder.

Consent from the Payment Service User (PSU) can be arranged in multiple ways. The TPP solution makes a distinction between the Redirect, Decoupled and Embedded flow. An example from each of these flows is visible below in sequence diagrams. These are just examples, a specific ASPSP might require other steps. The TPP solution will always indicate in the responses toward the Initiating party which step has to be performed next.

With AIS APIs, the following information can be retrieved:

1. List of PSU’s accounts
2. Accounts’ balances
3. Transactions history

Also, in addition new extended services APIs are offering for below use cases,

  • DataAggregation
  • DataAggregationWithEnrichment
  • CreditScoring
  • AccountAuthorisation

The sequence diagram represents the message flow between the actors for AIS.

Redirect flow

AIS v3 Redirect


Decoupled flow

AIS v3 Decoupled


Embedded flow

AIS v3 Embedded