Open Banking Suite

Reap the benefits of PSD2 and Open Banking


Open Banking is key to combine data and services provided by a wide ecosystem of actors which will be the fuel of the future digital experiences

Our account based payment use cases



In-store payment

A new way to pay for products in physical shops. Based on a credit transfer, it allows to pay at the terminal without the use of plastic cards or the involvement of other domestic or international schemes



e-Commerce payment

Offering user convenient and cost-effective new payment method by using credit transfers from bank accounts.

Our data driven use cases



Green banking

Make end users aware of their environmental impact by leveraging their banking data and offering them alternatives to adopt more sustainable behaviours.



Cash management

With our open banking platform companies of any size can instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage funds efficiently and effectively.



Credit scoring

Perform a credit check in real-time and benefit from higher conversion rates, lower costs, reduced default risk and an easier & shorter processing time.

Access 2 Account TPP Services



Account aggregation

The APIs presented in this section can be used to access a PSU’s (Payment Service User) bank account, held with any reachable ASPSP. Retrieval of PSU’s account information is only allowed upon explicit consent of the account holder.



Payment initiation

The APIs will allow the initiation of a payment from any payment account to another payment account in Europe, held by any reachable ASPSP provided the account holder has given his explicit consent as is stipulated by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

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