Conversational platform

From omnichannel customer support to tailored financial coaching

Enrich Customer Journeys with Conversational Experiences

During the last decade, the increased usage of messaging apps and the rise of voice interactions have reshaped our digital interfaces.

Whatever the business field - banks, retail, transport; healthcare or other sectors - conversational interfaces will undoubtedly become the new standard to interact with trademarks and businesses. This is enabled by Natural Language Processing technologies offering a smooth and natural way for end users to raise their demands.





Benefits of our WL Conversational Platform

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Reduced costs of customer care

Streamline the most tedious customer service tasks and deflecting repetitive questions from agents

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24/7 customer support

Provide a consistent and instant answers across multiple conversational channels

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Foster customer engagement

Reduced attrition rate and improved satisfaction levels by delivering tailored insights and contextual advices

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A new sales channel

New cross-selling opportunities thanks to enriched customer data

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