Contract data

Show merchant contract data in your application of preference. As trusted partner, Worldline FS manages the contract data of its clients’ customers. With the help of this API, you can extract contract data from Worldline FS’s systems and integrate it into your own application.

In addition to retrieval, WL FS also enables limited contract updating of your own merchant contract data via RESTful API.

Benefits for you!


Improve user experience

Provide this data in your application of preference to optimize your customer's journey.


Eliminate manual work

No need to log into the (separate) merchant portal anymore. Your customers can access the data in the application of preference


Easy access to real-time merchant contract data

You have easy access to your customer data in your own infrastructural environment.

Who can use the API?






Why use it?

Currently the merchant can only retrieve contract data via a separate merchant portal. This API enables you to present the contract data in one place. You can use specific contract management information (e.g. merchantId, contractId) to call other Worldline FS APIs.


Provide customers all relevant contract data in one place

use case

Imagine that – being a client of Worldline FS – you can now show all relevant Worldline FS merchant contract information in your own application. Moreover, you can combine this data with your own contract data to provide the client with all his contract data in one place.

Update your (sub-)merchant contract data

As a PSP you need to update the contact details for a (sub-)merchant. With this API - being a third party customer of Worldline FS - you can update the contract details (e.g. move terminal between sites or change contact phone number) on demand ensuring they are up-to-date. This helps you ensure a speedy service to your customers and lowers costs by reducing acquirer support calls.

How it works for a PSP

Step 1

  1. Your (sub-)merchant logs in to your app or merchant portal and selects “View contract data”
  2. Your (sub-)merchant selects the data he/she would like to see
  3. Site is the contract hierarchy level of your (sub-)merchant (URL or location)

Step 2

  1. Your app/merchant portal transfers the request to Worldline FS by using GET address at siteId call
  2. The Worldline FS API returns the requested data in JSON format
  3. Your app/merchant portal reformats and presents it to your (sub-)merchant

Step 3

  1. Your merchant checks his/her information and selects "Edit" to update his/her contact details
  2. He/she updates his contact phone number and selects "Save"
  3. The contact details are sent by you via a PATCH address at siteId call to WL FS updating the details in the merchant contract database real-time

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